What is the advantage of buying Modular Systems Millwork designed and manufactured by Modular Furniture Group?

What sets us apart?

Today’s digitized technology of “Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing”
allows Modular Furniture Group to retrieve our pre-engineered component parts from our
vast computer library. Work stations and cabinetry assemblies. We can quickly and
economically be designed and built customized and tailor fit to our customer’s needs.
The product does not aesthetically appear to be modular. These high quality,
wooden precisely machined parts are individually finished to our customer’s color
specifications. The designs allow completely finished sections to simply bolt together
with state of the art fastening hardware systems. Installation time is drastically cut.
Modular defines Flexibility. Flexibility allows work environments to be adapted
to future changes. This will insure sustainability in conjunction to your building and the
operational the operational components within. True modularity means that components
are not permanently anchored to the floor or walls and can easily and affordably be
moved or modified. It will no longer be the case where it is easier and cheaper to replace
cabinets and work stations rather than reusing components that are intended and
engineered to do so. Why not have a simple way for a facility manager to change rooms
around with cabinet components that universally connect to each other.
Modular Furniture Group designs and engineers each component section to be
adaptable for use in different assemblies and configurations should change requirements
arise. Cabinet sections are recycled for many uses for many years.
Modular Furniture Group understands that work stations may never need to be
moved or relocated. But the changing and adding new electronic devices and computer
equipment will be an on going exercise at any facility in today’s business world. We
have focused our engineering to make the routing of wires and flex conduits a breeze.
We design for today’s electronic business environments and try to value engineer in
simple, long lasting, durable and affordable features.
Our work stations are free standing , easy to skooch a few inches or move to a
new locations. Our work stations offer Flexibility that cannot be found in any of our
competitors designs.

We passionately believe in being stewards to our planet and practice conservative
methods and ingredients in our manufacturing process. We believe that great care should
be put into the selection of raw materials and hardware to optimize usage and utilize eco
friendly ingredients.

Simply put, we believe that manufacturing a systemized product line of
components, that are made with the best and most reliable ingredients, will sustain an
extended life time of use. Several decades of use can be realized even if the cabinets are
recycled for different uses or owners.
Other cabinet manufacturers build their unique brand and configurations of case
goods. Manufacturing methods define shapes, styles and installation processes.
Cabinetry that is hard to modify or relocate because of random sizing and design methods
will become obsolete regardless of being made of “green” eco friendly material. It
becomes land fill bound and costly to dispose of. It still becomes useless trash.
“Systems Millwork” allows for years of durable use. The flexibility to relocate
sections easily will save time and money. An investment in value and engineering is a
wise choice. Having a system of cabinetry and work station components will give you a
confidence in your facility planning and managing that has not been offered before.
Cabinets and work stations are what we use daily in our work environments. It is
what people sit at, store paper and supplies in, and organize the contents of our buildings.
Cabinetry provides the means for productivity and efficiency in our building facilities.
Let Modular Furniture Group, Inc. design a “Systems Millwork” package for
your facility and business.