Our products (such as bank teller stations, receptions desks, nurse stations, Customer Service Counters, School Library Circulation Desks and Executive workstations) are generally always different each job. We have developed a substantial library of pre-engineered wood component parts that can quickly and efficiently model together to formulate a shape that custom fits a custom work station situation. Exterior finishes can be adapted to surroundings or architectural specifications giving a designer the freedom with shapes, textures and lighting.

Drawer pedestals and storage cabinetry components are modular and can simply be placed or hung on modular hanging brackets. Design flexibility for the initial installation along with the flexibility of modular component parts allow for years of service and value with these “substantial” wood cabinets and workstation assemblies. Installation processes are state-of-the-art procedures and hardware innovations. Installation is streamlined down to a few hours while flexibility for change is remains available and simple.

“LEED” refers to “leadership in energy and environmental design” . A major portion and the “Functionality” of any office or institutional building is defined by the appearance arrangements of the architectural millwork. In Today’s Electronic Computer World, the efficiency of the greeters and customer processors personnel will also define the attitude of the facility and your business. Workstations and millwork are a major portion of a facility and will contribute to the environmental footprint., construction costs, and efficiency for the life of the building.

Modularity defines flexibility. Flexibility offers the Sustainability of the building and the operational components within. Modularity means that components are not nailed to the floor or wall and can easily and affordably be moved. There will no longer be easier and cheaper to disregard or discard casework instead of reusing and reconfiguring.

The Systems Millwork Concept allows for work station sections and cabinet components to be more logically made so that the buildings facility managers can fix, move, or blend cabinet arrangements. (Years of sustainability are realized) Fewer width and height sizes will streamline the puzzling process of trying to reconfigure. The design is simple.

Paperless office environments are demanding more efficient storage performance. It is no longer acceptable to layout work desks and storage areas with typical premade architectural drafting blocks. The customer wants the most efficient and affordable designs that will realize years of value and sustainability.

Thank you for your interest and fine products.

David Cleasby
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