Modular Nurse Stations

Designed for Today’s Electronic Health Care Environments

Nurse stations, health care facility reception stations, architectural case good cabinets designed for combining computer equipment, telephones, and patient monitoring devices in an efficient and organized work station.

Our office furniture products are modular sustainable component assemblies engineered for decades of use.  We use only the best and most eco friendly raw materials to create substantially sturdy computer furniture systems meant to be moved or rearranged.  These systems invite easy wiring and device changes.

Modular Furniture Group offers a new concept of Modular “Systems Millwork” of Case Good Base  and Wall Hung Cabinets.  Modular Base Cabinets and Counter Top Systems clip to walls but allow for future flexibility should rearrangements be wanted.

Modular Furniture Group offers:

Superior Design

• Unlimited floor plan design arrangements at your fingertips

• Virtual reality 3D models created on our computers allow you to visualize your finish product

• Optional granite or solid Surface counter tops or receiving counters available to incorporate into your designs


• Work Station and Nurse Station Systems can be designed in multiple configurations and changeable modules

• Universal parts allow doors, shelves, drawer units and most of the structural parts to be interchangeable
Quick and Easy Installations

• We are a turnkey, one stop shop, for both new construction or renovation projects

• Installations are faster than conventional methods

• Allows for quick and easy installation of electronic and computer equipment


• Project development to fit your budget

• A more systematic viewpoint offers savings, flexibility and Affordability


• Products are an engineered system allowing modular rearrangements and moving capabilities. Decades of use can be realized by having movable interchangeable components in your facility

• Eco Friendly raw materials are selected as default ingredients